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The LAKEWOOD MACKINAC ISLAND, was built in 1899 by island contractor Patrick Doud. With a total of 9 owners, including three generations of the Doud family, Richard and Mary Doud being the LAKEWOOD's current occupants and Innkeepers. The LAKEWOOD's owners include Hemmeter, Anthony, Shaughnessy, Doud, Doud, The MRA, McIntire, Bronfman, and Doud. In 2017, the LAKEWOODMACKINAC ISLANDsuffered a catastrophic fire. Thanks to the MACKINAC ISLAND Fire Department and fire departments from the surrounding area, the structure was heroically saved. With loving care, it has been restored to its original grandeur, updated with modern amenities. 

During its multi-million dollar 2017-2021 renovation, the LAKEWOOD was completely taken down to the studs, rewired, replumbed, and remodeled to its original historic 1899 grandeur. In addition, new safety systems were added to the LAKEWOOD, including a new sprinkler grid, networked sensors, added security features, and more. High-speed cat 6 wiring was installed in every room, along with the most technically advanced wi-fi on the island. Boasting magnificent views of the Mackinac Bridge, this historical resort, known simply as the LAKEWOOD on MACKINAC ISLAND, is located a block and a half from Historic Downtown Mackinac Island along its famous boardwalk.

During the depression in the 1930s and World War 2 in the 1940s, the LAKEWOOD, MACKINAC ISLAND, became a Bed and Breakfast under the care of Paul and Mary Doud, Richard's parents. Mr. Doud, his parents, and two brothers called the LAKEWOOD home, welcoming guests from all over the world from July until September, MACKINAC ISLAND's tourist season during that era. Now, the newly renovated LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY  is once again welcoming visitors to its grandmaster porch, with stunning views of the straits and the Mackinaw Bridge. We'd love for you to travel back in time and stay with us at the LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY on magical MACKINAC ISLAND.   


After surviving numerous close calls with nature over 118 years, the LAKEWOOD was almost destroyed by a man-made disaster in the summer of '17. Faulty wiring ignited the flooring on the first floor, quickly climbing in between the walls, and engulfing the four-story cottage in smoke and flames. If not for the herculean, heroic efforts of the Mackinac Island Fire Department and surrounding northern and upper Michigan Fire Departments from Mackinaw City, St. Ignace, and beyond, the LAKEWOOD would have met a swift demise. The fire damage was significant, smoke and water destruction was even worse. Some worried the historic LAKEWOOD was a total loss. Fortunately, after numerous inspections, it was determined that the LAKEWOOD's original construction was so well made, it could be built back better, with numerous modern upgrades and safety features restoring the famous LAKEWOOD to all its glory and more.


With construction almost complete in 2019, the LAKEWOOD was once again virtually ravaged, this time by a flood caused by improperly installed plumbing. While Richard and Mary were visiting family in Florida, they received a call that hot water was pouring out of the house in the dead of winter. A pipe that wasn't properly sealed had burst on the upper floor causing water to flow at will for an undetermined amount of time, filling the house with H2O, and destroying almost all of the renovations that were almost complete. There was talk once again that rebuilding the LAKEWOOD was a lost cause between the fire and the flood. Undeterred, Richard and Mary Doud were determined to restore Mr. Doud's boyhood home to its original glory and share their love of the LAKEWOOD with family, friends, and guests for generations to come. Finally, after four grueling years and millions of dollars, the LAKEWOOD has been restored, renovated, and updated.  

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