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Welcome home to the LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY; it's not a hotel, it's not bed and breakfast, it's better; welcome home! THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD, created for the select few who long to experience a bygone era with an extended vacation of four weeks or more. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of the clip-clop of the horse and buggy while waves gently crash on the beach and a hint of fudge lingers in the air. It's a simpler, more innocent time, and it's happening right now at THE LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY. THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD is as close to becoming a MACKINAC ISLAND resident without actually moving to the Island. A four-week minimum stay is required. THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD is located on Michigan's magical MACKINAC ISLAND, situated directly on the shores of the Straits of Mackinac. THE LAKEWOOD is one of the Island's most beautiful turn-of-the-century cottages. Constructed in 1899 and lovingly restored in 2021, The LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY is the garden level of the LAKEWOOD. The LAKEWOOD is an eye-catching, cedar shake siding, four-story beauty, featuring a 52-foot full-width front porch and exclusive stunning views of the Straits of Mackinac, Mackinac Bridge, and passing 1,000' freighters and ferries. Click here for THE LAKEWOOD blog. Click here for THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD blog.

THE HIDEAWAY at the LAKEWOOD, available for stays of four weeks or longer, is an unequaled, exclusive, secluded, and one-of-a-kind way to enjoy the elegance and magic of MACKINAC ISLAND. The LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY should not be confused with any other MACKINAC ISLAND lodging option. THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD is distinctive and exceptional. It's not a hotel or a bed & breakfast; it's better; welcome home! Featuring a private entrance, 2,547 square feet, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a massive great room, full kitchen, five large flat-screen TVs, lightning-fast internet, laundry, and more, the LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY is your home away from home. THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD is an exclusive, authentic, MACKINAC ISLAND experience, THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD limits reservations to stays of four weeks or longer.


Just a block and a half from Historic Downtown MACKINAC ISLAND, and two blocks from the boat docks, THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD offers our guests a unique, magical, MACKINAC ISLAND experience, unlike any traditional hotel or bed and breakfast, all within our elegant MACKINAC ISLAND vacation destination. Stays of four weeks or longer required, The LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY, not a hotel, not bed and breakfast, it's better! Welcome home to THE HIDEAWAY AT THE LAKEWOOD!  

If your stay is less than four weeks, we recommend the Windermere, a classic Mackinac Island hotel. For classic Mackinac Island stays in a new, modern, boutique hotel, we recommend The Mackinac House.   

The LAKEWOOD,  MACKINAC ISLAND, built in 1899 by island contractor Patrick Doud. With a total of 9 owners, including three generations of the Doud family, Richard and Mary Doud being the LAKEWOOD's current occupants and Innkeepers. The LAKEWOOD's owners include Hemmeter, Anthony, Shaughnessy, Doud, Doud, The MRA, McIntire, Bronfman, and Doud. In 2017, the LAKEWOOD, MACKINAC ISLANDsuffered a catastrophic fire. Thanks to the MACKINAC ISLAND Fire Department and fire departments from the surrounding area, the structure was heroically saved. With loving care, it has been restored to its original grandeur, updated with modern amenities. 

During its multi-million dollar 2017-2021 renovation, the LAKEWOOD was completely taken down to the studs, rewired, replumbed, and remodeled to its original historic 1899 grandeur. In addition, new safety systems were added to the LAKEWOOD including a new sprinkler grid, networked sensors, added security features, and more. High-speed cat 6 wiring was installed in every room along with the most technically advanced wi-fi on the island. Boasting magnificent views of the Mackinac Bridge, this historical resort known simply as the LAKEWOOD on MACKINAC ISLAND, is located a block and a half from Historic Downtown Mackinac Island along its famous boardwalk.

During the depression in the 1930s and World War 2 in the 1940s, the LAKEWOOD, MACKINAC ISLAND, became a Bed and Breakfast under the care of Paul and Mary Doud, Richard's parents. Mr. Doud, his parents, and two brothers called the LAKEWOOD home, welcoming guests from all over the world from July until September, MACKINAC ISLAND's tourist season during that era. Now, the newly renovated LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY  is once again welcoming visitors to its grandmaster porch, with stunning views of the straits and the Mackinaw Bridge. We'd love for you to travel back in time and stay with us at the LAKEWOOD HIDEAWAY on magical MACKINAC ISLAND.   

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